Lydiaís first ride!  Kids clockwise: Bruce, Quinn, Mayson, Lydia. 103.28 KB
Michael with Andrei and Matt with Cecilia. 96 KB
Lydia in a race car. 96.72 KB
 115.5 KB
Lydia and Mayson. 97.25 KB
 116.56 KB
Lydia and Mayson again. 103.9 KB
 75.04 KB
 103.4 KB
 99.43 KB
And again, Lydia and Mayson. 70.71 KB
 111.09 KB
Maysonís family: Camille, Camilleís mom, Derrek, baby Elliot in the stroller, and me with Andrei in the sling. 97.21 KB
 102.98 KB
 95.14 KB
Lydia, Mayson, and Maysonís other girl-friend Gwen. 85.33 KB
Funny T-shirt. 66 KB
Especially on a guy with a kid. 61.86 KB
Kids opening bags with party favors. 112.27 KB
Maysonís friend, Lydia, Mason, and Gwen. 124.42 KB
Lydia. 95.51 KB
Birthday Cake and fair food. 104.96 KB
Bruce and Quinn opening party favor bags. 118.27 KB
 91.21 KB
Lighting candles. 99.95 KB
Derrek with Elliot, Maysonís dad and baby brother. 88.63 KB
Lydia enjoying the cake. 93.48 KB
 96.3 KB
Opening the gifts.  Kids got up on the bench to get a better view. 105.18 KB
Quinn, Bruce, and Mason are fascinated by the gift from Gwen. 103.77 KB
Everyboy got a balloon. 87.57 KB
Camille and Elliot, Maysonís Mom and baby brother. 87.28 KB